The weather is absolutely perfect right now and if you’re in the mood to do some exploring some old Florida ruins rather than sitting on the beach, there’s some options. OnlyInYourState took a look at several walking paths that explore ruins of old Florida, back before rent was 2 grand a month and some a-hole from New York tried to pick a fight with you at the car wash. Not sure why those people bring their horrible attitudes with them when they come down here. It’s 80 degrees and sunny in the winter – why are you so mad?

Now this list is for people who want to get out and explore, away from the crowds. If you want to chill on a beach – away from the crowds, check out:  Top 10 Florida Beaches To Avoid The Crowds

Anyway, if you want to stay local, there’s always the Koreshan Park to explore. Read the history, those people were truly messed in the head.

Anyway, you ready to get out there and explore? Stash the flip flops and grab the shoes, you’re gonna be doing some walking. And I’m putting addresses on here because there’s some driving involved. If you’re like me, you’ve seen all the local stuff so it’s time to see more of Florida.

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