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Catholic Church Mass Turns Chaotic as Florida Priest Bites Woman

You won’t believe what went down at a Florida Catholic Church during Sunday’s Mass. We got a priest, a churchgoer, and an unholy mess over Holy Communion.  According to FOX35, a woman showed up to the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church for 10 a.m. Mass in St. Cloud. The woman was ready to receive Communion. Now, the priest has some rules. You gotta hold your hands just right, take the wafer like it’s not a cookie, and say "Amen" to seal the deal. But apparently, this woman didn’t get the memo. The priest denied her Communion and gave her a Catholic Church blessing instead. Not satisfied, she comes back at noon, trying to get that wafer again. Catholic Church Chaos: Now that's when the priest spots her and asks if she confessed her sins first. She brushes him off, so he offers her Communion on the tongue. Instead, she tries to snatch the bowl of wafers, pushing the priest in the process! She was acting like it was a bowl of Doritos at a Super bowl party! The priest, thinking she’s about to desecrate the Holy Communion, then bites her! Yes, I admit, it's a bit of a strange response but... there it was, a gnashing of teeth. The priest admits to the bite, saying he was defending the sacred sacrament. The Mass came to a screeching halt, and the whole scene was captured on police body cam footage. The Catholic Church Diocese of Orlando backs up the priest, saying he was trying to protect the Communion from being desecrated. Now, the woman’s friend claims the priest targeted her because of her sexuality and how she was dressed, but the priest says he didn’t even know who she was or anything about her.  As of now, no one’s been arrested. Boy, Catholic Church confession is gonna be real busy  this week huh?

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