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Florida Man Busted for X-Rated Outdoor Performance in Manatee County

Most of us here in Florida, have a wild side. Sure. But a certain Chukwuma Anthony Onukogu managed to carve out his own peculiar X-Rated niche. This dude is more weird than wild. The 38-year-old, not content with conventional hobbies, decided to spice up his daily routine by giving unsuspecting women an unexpected eyeful on a nature trail in Manatee County. According to WFLA, Onukogu, the Picasso of indecency, chose the Heritage Harbour Lake walking trail as his canvas. From July through November, he masterfully blended into the bushes, creating a peepshow experience for unsuspecting trail-goers. But, instead of just enjoying the scenery, Onukogu took it upon himself to add a little pizzazz by hollering at women, maybe to ensure they didn't miss the spectacle he was about to unveil. X-Rated Performance: The man's creativity didn't end there. Not content with just exposing himself, Onukogu went for the full immersive experience, even throwing in some hands-on action for good measure. Imagine the surprise of those poor women, just out for a peaceful stroll, when they found themselves unwitting participants in this bizarre performance art. Law enforcement, however, wasn't as impressed with Onukogu's weird approach to social interaction. Despite the suspect's slippery escape tactics, detectives managed to crack the case. It turns out, Onukogu had a routine. He was parking his car at Costco before venturing into the wild world of flashing. On December 1, the curtain fell on Onukogu's little show as he confessed to his weirdo crimes. He's now facing three counts of exposure of sexual organs, though detectives suspect there might be more victims out there. So, if you happened to witness this bizzaro show... Give the sheriff's office a shout at 941-747-3011. [select-listicle listicle_id="358580" syndication_name="two-of-the-best-nude-beaches-in-the-world-are-in-florida" description="yes"]

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