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The State With The Worst Vibes – Florida Ranks First Place

Have you ever been on a long road trip and had to make that unwanted pit stop in a city or state that just- felt off? This off feeling could have been from a creepy gas station you had to stop at in the middle of the night or an interaction with a Florida man that could have made headlines. This off feeling could just be from a personal experience but when this question was asked nationwide, Florida ranked first place for the state that has the "worst vibes". Having a bad vibe is something you can not always put into words, it is just a feeling that one gets from a certain place or experience. Sometimes there might not even be a particular reason or explanation you get these bad vibes. These vibes could turn off tourists or even potential residents from a certain city or state. Whatever the reasoning for these vibes are, it seems collectively, everyone must have had some similar experience in Florida. Especially, those of us who live here. Here's the top fifteen states that give off the "worst vibes" in the country. Florida Alabama Mississippi Arkansas Texas West Virginia New Jersey Ohio Oklahoma Kentucky Utah Louisiana Missouri California New York [select-listicle listicle_id="384349" syndication_name="13-haunted-bars-in-florida-to-visit-this-halloween-season" description="no"]

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