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Why Can’t I Get A Date? The Cities In Florida With The Highest (and Lowest) Male-Female Ratio

Sometimes dating can really be a numbers game so if you ever asked yourself 'Is there anywhere in Florida that I can get a date ?' this might be for you. Is it possible you're living somewhere where the ratio is off? If you're a man seeking a woman and there's 3 dudes to every woman in that town, your odds are not great. Obviously in a man seeking man scenario this might work in your favor. So what cities should you avoid if you're diving deep in the dating pool? And more importantly, where might be a good place to go where your odds may be better. Not every city in Florida has a 1:1 ratio, and with the help of ZipAtlas, we've been able to highlight the areas of Florida where that ratio is way off. Obviously if you're young, rich, and attractive it doesn't really matter. I'm not any of those things. But what I am good at - is math. I'm not looking at minor deviations. There's 1.31 males to every female in Labelle and with a population of 17, 902. Guys can make up for this by simply having a really nice golf cart. Labelle girls dig dudes with sweet golf carts. Did you know in Port Charlotte there are .88 men to every women?  So what you're saying is there's a chance? Yea! So let's take a look at some Florida cities with an abnormally high men to women ratio. And we'll also check out some places with a low men to women ratio. There's one town in Florida where the women outnumber the men by almost 2 to 1! There's a reason why, but I don't want to dash your hopes before we get there. Let's get started on where to find a date in Florida