This is absolutely incredible. The idea that Pine Island will be connected again via a temporary bridge by next Monday is just staggering. What’s even more, it looks like they’re ahead of schedule. If you’re unfamiliar with the condition of the road after the hurricane,  NBC2 provided this video showing the scope of the damage:

Pine Island

(image courtesy of Mickey Franklin)

So how are they going to fix Pine Island Road by Monday?

24/7 work. And a lot of trucks.

Convoys of trucks have been spotted in the are bringing truckload after truckload of dirt and materials to the construction site. Now, the road may not be pretty, but it will be a lifeline to those living on Pine Island and those communities.

It’s Tuesday October 4th at 4pm. The facebook group “Things To Do On Pine Island” is reporting that the island’s road is now connected.

People are not currently allowed to use the road, the primary initial use will be for electrical and infrastructure trucks. They’ve posted a picture of what looks to be trucks finishing up the road this afternoon. So if trucks are already driving on the road, they should easily make their goal of residents and first responders vehicle access by this weekend. Absolutely incredible work.


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