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Apopka Man is Alerted by Neighbors of Adorable Bear Living Under his Porch

A bona fide bear, decided to set up camp under a man's porch in Apopka, Florida. According to Fox 35, Darrell Crutchfield, the homeowner in question, decided to give his uninvited guest a name – "Baboo." He even noted that Baboo's ears perked up at the mention of his new moniker. Mr. Crutchfield's neighbors were quick to call him up, delivering the news in the most neighborly way possible, "Bro, there's a huge bear in your yard!" Of course, his first instinct was to check the security camera, and lo and behold, Baboo casually strolling up like he owns the place. So, Darrell did what any Floridian would do... He tried to scare the bear away with some noise. But Baboo, it seems, was in no hurry to vacate his newly acquired porch. Apopka Animal: Now, you might think a bear under the porch would cause all sorts of mayhem, but not Baboo. He's been as chill as a cucumber, just lounging around, probably sunbathing with a pair of shades on. However, Mr. Crutchfield is worried about the Apopka neighborhood kids, which is a valid concern when you've got a bear next door. Enter the professionals, Kevin Officer and Wayne Zwegat from Affordable Wildlife Removal. They've seen their fair share of bears and have a simple solution – make some noise! Apparently, bears are not fans of noise, so crank up the tunes, and you might just have a bear-free porch party. But why did Baboo choose to set up shop there in the first place? Well, it turns out Florida neighborhoods are like bear magnets, with all the food, shade, and maybe even a bear-sized bird bath. According to Officer, it's all about the essentials – food, shelter, and a good place to cool off. As for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, they agreed with the professionals' advice. So, leason learned. If your neighbors ever complain about the noise, just tell them you're just trying to scare the bears. [select-listicle listicle_id="357881" syndication_name="caught-on-video-bear-in-gulf-of-mexico-off-florida-coast" description="yes"]

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