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A new sports complex will be replacing the former dog track in Bonita Springs.

Ground breaking began last week for Sports Challenge America, an indoor-outdoor sporting complex right at the corner of Bonita Beach Road & Old 41.

The inside part of Sports Challenge America will feature VR rooms with golf, shooting and tennis simulators and also bowling lanes. Outside there will be a basketball court, par-3 golf hole and mini football and baseball fields. The complex will also feature Sports Challenge America’s kitchen and bar.

The “challenge” part of their name comes in here: If you like to wager on sports, that will be an option at Sports Challenge America. There will be things like a hole-in-one challenge, basketball shooting, baseball pitching, field goal kicking, and football throwing challenges that could win you some cash!

The tentative completion date for Sports Challenge America is January/February 2023.


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Complex Dog Track Bonita Springs


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