Halloween night is just days away, and while we’re still not sure what it’s going to look like this year with COVID-19 still going around, there is a new way to make trick or treating safer for kids.

In the past, we’ve seen initiatives involving colored pumpkins. For instance, teal-colored pumpkins have been used to help trick-or-treaters who might have serious food allergies. People who placed a teal pumpkin outside their door offered non-food treat items instead.

This year, you’ll be seeing purple pumpkins in some front porches which mark “safe houses.” The idea was started by a few parents who wanted to figure out the best way to make trick-or-treating work, according to Moms.com. 

A purple pumpkin outside of your home this Halloween tells others that everyone in the home has been practicing all of the CDC health guidelines, and no one inside the home has tested positive for coronavirus.

Click here to view CDC recommended guidelines to follow during holiday celebrations.

Katherine Viloria is Beasley Media Group's Fort Myers Digital Content Manager. She loves to write, snap photos, and watch Grey's Anatomy. Connect with her on Instagram @alittlethisalittlekat