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If you have a satellite tv package or cable bundle, around $20 a month of that bill is to pay for live sports, which clearly aren’t happening any time soon.

If that’s you, you aren’t alone, around 80 million of us fit that category.

New York Attorney General Letitia James is urging television providers to lower the bills to consumers since they’re being billed for something they aren’t receiving.  Seems logical, but…

The television providers are locked into contracts with the networks. The networks have contracts with the leagues, and the leagues have contracts with the players. So unless everyone in that line is willing to give up some money, it’s unlikely we’ll see a change on our bill.

So keep watching old sports, I see game 7  from 1998 is on. You might as well. You’re paying for it.

Americans are paying for TV sports they're not receiving, but don't expect to get a refund any time soon

More than 80 million American households still pay for cable or satellite television. All of those people have been paying for live televised sports they haven't received for almost two months. None of those people should expect a refund any time soon. U.S. professional and college sports have come to a standstill amid coronavirus concerns.


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