Spring Training baseball games are officially underway in Fort Myers and Southwest Florida roadways are full of fans from around the state, country and world. I mean have you been on Daniels Parkway lately? The Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins both have stadiums along this already busy Lee County road. Fans might say that navigating the traffic is worth the excitement of a game. If you haven’t been to one yet, we want to get you primed and ready. Check out these 5 videos of unbelievable Major League Baseball plays for TikTok Tuesday.

The weather has been perfect for taking in a Red Sox game at Jet Blue Park or the Twins at Hammond Stadium. Games kicked off last week and run through the end of March. Opening day for the Major League Baseball season is March 28th. In the meantime, there are games almost daily in Fort Myers or within a two hour drive.

David Ortiz or Big Papi of the Boston Red Sox at bat

David Ortiz or Big Papi of the Boston Red Sox at bat

Baseball players are great athletes. Some of the catches they make leave spectators speechless. Plucking balls out of the air with so much speed and agility. Then there are the sluggers. When players like Big Papi would get up to bat with the Red Sox, spring training fans went wild with anticipation. Finally, those dives and slides to hit the base before being tagged out. Baseball is on the tip of almost everyone’s tongue in Southwest Florida right now. It seems most appropriate to feature some great baseball videos here for TikTok Tuesday.

If you don’t have a TikTok account, don’t worry. I’ve tried to make it easy by taking these links from mine All you need to do is scroll down and hit play from this post. In addition, all of these videos are office and kid friendly. No ejection’s or fights here. Perhaps I’ll save that for the future. Baseball does have a long season after all.

In the meantime, enjoy these 5 videos of unbelievable Major League Baseball plays.

  • Big Papi Grand Slam

    OK, since I mentioned him in the story I have to include a video of him. Here is the popular Red Sox slugger in action. You have likely seen him hit crazy homeruns before but this is a good one and shows why Davide Ortiz is so great.

  • Smooth Like Butter

    Sliders are fun to watch. This one, however, almost defies gravity. He makes it look so easy. He doesn’t even appear to get dirty. It’s the definition of smooth from start to finish.


    Trae Turner and his smooth slides are headed to Philadelphia 🔥 #mlb #baseball #phillies

    ♬ original sound - Karen O’Connell🦋
  • Slide Baby Slide

    If you liked that last slide, check these out. They aren’t as silky smooth but not all are. Slides are almost always tricky. This is a compilation of slides that is fun to watch none-the-less.


    Whatever it takes to avoid the tag 🔥 #mlb #baseball

    ♬ original sound - ESPN
  • Diving Catches

    These catches are crazy. Sometimes it hurts to watch. The way these players stretch their bodies and take to the air for the sake of catching a little round ball. It doesn’t feel good when you hit the ground either.


    Which catch is your favorite? 🤔👇#mlb #baseball

    ♬ original sound - AP | MLB ⚾️
  • A Compilation Of Crazy Catches

    Here are a few more crazy catches. Watch as some of these guys end up tumbling into the stands and over barricades. I love the bare handed catch. That is super hero style for sure.


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