Company Offering to Bury You Alive for $57K

Here’s something for Halloween that would be a little scarier than a lame haunted house.A start-up in Russia is offering to BURY PEOPLE ALIVE and dig them back up, just to see what it’s like.  Company founder Yakaterina Preobrazhenskaya announced the venture which promises to help clients discover new talents and “psychic abilities” and deal with their anxieties after the funeral.

The company offers the customer two types of experiences. You can choose the “online funeral,” which will set you back $15,000 and is supposed to act as stress therapy for fears and anxieties. While the “full immersion” funeral, will bury customers for up to an hour. This package includes a full religious ceremony and burial which is supposed to renew a person’s “desire to live.

Would you pay that much to be buried alive?


'Terrifier 2': The New Horror Flick Has People Vomiting in the Theater

There is a new horror movie in theaters that has people fainting and vomiting. It’s called Terrifier 2; you’re excused if you haven’t heard of the first one. 2016’s Terrifier didn’t make a huge impact; on Rotten Tomatoes, Terrifier has an approval rating of 56% based on 16 reviews.  It fared even worse with audience reviews, earning only a 55% approval rate.  Here is everything you need to know about the movie you’re hearing about all over social media.

  • Who is the killer?

    A character called Art the Clown. He has mime-like qualities and has previously appeared in 2013’s All Hallow’s Eve.

    Art the Clown

    ✓ Art the Clown is the main antagonist of the 9th Circle franchise, serving as a minor antagonist in the short-film 9th Circle, the main antagonist of the 2013 low-budget horror film All Hallows' Eve, along with the 2017 film Terrifier and its 2022 sequel Terrifier 2.

  • Who are the victims of Art the Clown and why?

    Apparently, there is no rhyme or reason to Art’s killing. According to wiki Villains Fandom, Art loves “viciously slaughtering nearly anyone he comes across, with his preferred method of killing and torture being mutilation.”

  • Why is it considered so gory?

    The blood and gore of some of the murder sequences have been too much for some to take.

  • Vomit bags have been suggested for those going to see the movie

  • People are passing out in the theater, including this poor soul

  • Apparently this warning is issued before the movie


  • This man describes a man who vomited in front of him

  • This person got a tattoo of Art the Clown

  • This person saw five people walk out of the theater