It’s football season and it is the best time of the year for many sports fans. Wether you prefer college or pro ball, Florida teams or those from where you were born, there is nothing like a good game. Plays and players can get intense. However these elite athletes like to have a good time too. It is fun to see these sometimes elusive millionaires having fun on the field, pulling pranks, laughing and for sure dancing. Some teams have gone to great lengths with their choreography when in the end zone. These football players have mad dance moves on the gridiron and we’ve put together some videos to prove it for TikTok Tuesday.

A member of the Cincinnati Bengals cheerleading squad dances in the end zone

Cheerleaders aren’t the only ones who dance on the field during football games. Football players dance moves are getting better and more fun to watch.

Dance Moves

When you are in a stadium, full of so much energy, and a good song is blasting from the speakers, it is hard not to dance. Even though their minds are on the game, strategy and performance, some players can’t help but feel the music too. Spontaneous dancing is always fun when caught on camera. But now, when there is a touchdown, fans pause in between their celebrating. wondering if there is going to be some kind of choreographed celebration, like the human limbo as seen below. Even people who aren’t die-hard fans get a kick out of these moves.

You do not need a TikTok account to watch these videos. We’ll use mine. All you have to do is scroll down and then hit play. They are all office friendly and also kid friendly so you don’t have to look over your shoulder or turn down the volume. These football players dance moves are fun to watch. Enjoy the collection below for TikTok Tuesday.

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