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By now, we’re all familiar with Cameo. The place where celebrities can send personalized video messages to fans – for a price. There’s a lot of celebrities to choose from, and their prices vary greatly. So who’s making bank? And who from Florida is really bringing it in?

The actual money totals aren’t released publicly. But, odds comparison experts Sports Betting NY looked at how much sports stars from the NFL, MLBNBA and WNBA could have earned from personalized video website Cameo. The math?  Multiplying the number of reviews by how much they charge for each video. Now, the findings reflect the minimum amount of money each sports star has earned on the site based on confirmed sales. Many customers are likely to have not left a review, but you need to buy a video to leave a review.

Until someone decides to tell us exactly how much they’re making we can only go by estimate. One such star who has talked is Brian Baumgartner, who played Kevin on The Office. he claims to have pulled down more than a million dollars doing the Kevin character for Office fans for $195 each. Using the math, Brian’s 4,960 reviews times $195 = $967,200. So if only 168 people got the video and didn’t hit him back with a review, there’s the million dollars he speaks of. So someone making 10% more than the minimum number we’re calculating is probably acceptable.

I only brought in Brian to show the math. Let’s talk about athletes. Maybe you want a famous sports star for a birthday message. Or to kick off a company presentation. Or just to make you look like a boss on Tik Tok.

Which athlete from Florida is cashing in on Cameo?

The top earning sports star overall on Cameo is NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis, who has earned an impressive $231,660 since he signed up to the site. After Cameo takes their generous cut of 25%, this means he likely to have netted around $173,745 from 702 videos. Ordering a customized video from the former linebacker costs $330, with customers giving him an impressive average rating of 4.95 out of 5.

Ray is from Bartow, Florida. Less than 2 hours north of us here in Fort Myers. Ray dominated at The University of Miami and then later for the Baltimore Ravens.

  • 1. Ray Lewis

    Ray has 702 reviews and at $330 per video that brings in $231,660. As I mentioned earlier, the Cameo cut brings him down to $173,745. Their cut is 25%.

  • 2. Mariano Rivera

    In second place overall is former New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera. He has earned $101,250 from 135 videos, and charges $750 per video, which is the most out of any player in the top ten. For $750, the Sandman better come to my house and tuck me in. 

  • 3. Keith Hernandez

    Third is Keith Hernandez, former MLB star of both the New York Mets and the St. Louis Cardinals. He has made $95,725 from 547 videos, and it costs $175 if you wish to purchase a personalized video from him. It’d totally be worth it if he’d recreate his Seinfeld episode appearance. 

  • 4. Aaron Boone

    Fourth is former MLB star, and current manager of the New York Yankees, Aaron Boone. He has made $93,925 from 289 videos, and he charges $325 for each video. Aaron is also making more than a million a year managing the Yankees who are 9 1/2 back of Tampa.

  • 5. Reggie Jackson

    MLB Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson comes in fifth with earnings of $87,948 from 252 videos. It costs $349 to order a personalized video from him. 

  • 6. Brian Scalabrine

    Brian Scalabrine is the sports star in sixth with earnings of $83,885 from 883 videos. The Celtics and Knicks star charges a rather affordable $95 per video. Less than a hundred bucks? Brian is 6th on the list because he understands volume. Smart. 

  • 7. Bo Jackson

    NFL and MLB star Bo Jackson comes in seventh place with earnings of $82,000 from 164 videos and charges $500 per customized video. And I’m sure everyone has him say “Bo knows” at some point in the video. 

  • 8. Adam Wainwright

    The current St. Louis Cardinal and Twitter star has 255 reviews. At $300 a video that comes out to $76,500. He’s been struggling on the mound and recently deactivated his Twitter.

  • 9. Pat Hughes

    In ninth place is Chicago Cubs announcer, Pat Hughes. Hughes has earned $73,080 from 1,218 videos and charges just $60 each, making him the cheapest to hire as well as the most reviewed in the top ten. An amazing announcer, I’d have to guess his videos are well worth the $60 he charges. 

  • 10. Boban Marjanovic

    Boban Marjanovic of the Dallas Mavericks is in tenth place with earnings of $68,770 from 230 videos, and he charges $299 per personalized video. The Dallas Mavericks center is listed at 7-foot-4 and 290 pounds. He was also in John Wick 3. 

  • 10 highest-earning sports stars on Cameo

    Rank Title Profession/Title Average rating (out of five) Num. Reviews Cost of video Amount made Amount made after Cameo takes 25% cut
    1. Ray Lewis NFL Hall of Famer – Baltimore Ravens 4.95 702 $330 $231,660 $173,745
    2. Mariano Rivera MLB Hall of Famer – New York Yankees 4.98 135 $750 $101,250 $75,937.50
    3. Keith Hernandez Former MLB – NY Mets | St. Louis Cardinals 4.92 547 $175 $95,725 $71,793.75
    4. Aaron Boone Manager – New York Yankees 4.96 289 $325 $93,925 $70,443.75
    5. Reggie Jackson MLB Hall of Famer – New York Yankees – Oakland Athletics 4.95 252 $349 $87,948 $65,961
    6. Brian Scalabrine Basketball Player – Celtics/Bulls 4.99 883 $95 $83,885 $62,913.75
    7. Bo Jackson NFL – MLB Legend 4.86 164 $500 $82,000 $61,500
    8. Adam Wainwright MLB – St. Louis Cardinals 4.99 255 $300 $76,500 $57,375
    9. Pat Hughes Cubs Announcer 4.99 1,218 $60 $73,080 $54,810
    10. Boban Marjanovic NBA – Dallas Mavericks 4.98 230 $299 $68,770 $51,577.50
  • Data and tables provided by https://sports-betting-ny.com/

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