Although someone won the Powerball jackpot and reset that number back to just double digits, Mega Millions keeps on running. The next Mega Millions drawing for Tuesday night is estimated at $1.05 billion. We need a big winner here in Southwest Florida. I bought my ticket at the Publix in Estero. We need to get the winning Mega Million numbers here in our town. So let’s see if we can find an edge.

Full disclosure, I’ve used the method I’m about to discuss and have not won. “But what if” is the reason I’ll try again. And again, whenever the jackpot is at the billion dollar mark. It’s funny, no one pays attention to these jackpots when they hit 500 million anymore. But a billion? Suddenly it’s leading the news.

Here are the 10 most drawn winning Mega Millions numbers and Mega Balls in 600 drawings since Tuesday, October 31, 2017  as of this data on July 31st, 2023. So when I say a number has come up “46 times”, it means since 10/31/2017. That’s when they changed the format.

We’ll see which balls come up the most through the chute. We’ll also hit which Mega Ball shows up the most often. Gotta have them all if you want to hit the jackpot.

To learn more about Mega Millions, please visit If you want the same data, but for Powerball, that’s here. Remember, this list is just for fun. Maybe your lucky number really isn’t that lucky. Until it is. I have no way of knowing which numbers will show up next. None of us do. I’m just hoping that when someone does win the big jackpot it’s not another person in California.

# # #Play Responsibly

Here’s the Top 10 Mega Millions Numbers That Have Been Drawn The Most

  • 10


    10 now leads the pack with 55 appearances. We also saw this number twice this month. 10 was in the July 14th drawing and the July 28th drawing.

  • 14


    The number 14 now tied with the most.  55 appearances in the time frame. Roughly double the last number on the list (we’ll get to that). The crazy part is that we haven’t seen 14 since March 24th. Is it due?

  • 3


    3 is closely behind with 54 appearances in the winner’s column. If you follow the game, you know we just saw it. The number 3 was in the July 25th drawing.

  • 17


    17 is another ball that has shown up 54 times. If it sounds familiar, we saw the 17 ball on July 11th.

  • 46


    46 is the last of the numbers in the 4 way tie for second. 54 times on this one, too. We saw the 46 ball on June 20th.

  • 8


    8 begins a string of 5 numbers that all have been drawn 52 times in the time frame. Here’s something weird. The white ball of 8 is one of the most drawn, but the Mega Ball 8 is the least drawn. We last saw the white one on July 7th.

  • 15


    15 has also been seen 52 times in this time frame. been awhile, though. May 16th was the last time we got this one.

  • 31


    52 times on number 31 as well. We have seen it recently, 31 was drawn on July 18th.

  • 38


    38 is another ball that’s come down the chute 52 times since the game made the change. 38 has been missing for awhile, April 28th was the last time we’ve seen it.

  • 64


    Big number 64 is the last of the group that has appeared 52 times. 64 joined the 17 ball when they both appeared on July 11th. Curious as to which number is at the bottom? Number 49. 49 is the least drawn of all the white balls. Only 28 times, most recently on April 7th.

    Let’s move on to the gold Mega Ball

  • 22


    The gold 22 leads the pack with 34 appearances. More than double the 16 times we’ve seen the gold 8 ball. Told you we’d get back to that. We last saw 22 on April 14th.

  • 11


    We’ve seen the gold 11 ball 31 times. It was the Mega Ball on the Cinco De Mayo drawing earlier this year.

  • 9


    9 is next with 30 times drawn. It last showed up less than a month ago on June 30th.

  • 4


    The 4th most drawn is the 4 ball. 28 times and as recently as June 13th.

  • 13


    Taylor Swift’s lucky number has been lucky. 13 has also shown up 28 times in this timeframe. 19,24, and 25 have also shown up 28 times.

    What about lucky number 7? Not so much The gold number 7 hasn’t been seen since February 24th and is near the bottom of the list with only 17 appearances.

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