(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

A Southwest Airline pilot had some major Dad vibes going on when he made the announcement on this flight. I had a major flashback when my Dad would yell “I WILL TURN THIS CAR AROUND AND NO ONE WILL GET TO RIDE ANY OF THE ROLLER COASTERS!”. Then he would do that thing where he would try to reach into the back seat to slap at us while he was driving. Mom would take a deep breath and let out that long sigh.

Well, apparently this pilot had had enough of someone airdropping unsolicited nudes on his plane. And it was going to stop or no one was going to get to go to Cabo. Everyone’s vacation will be ruined.

I have my airdrop set to private so I never get these. I’ve even tried to use airdrop to people that are standing right next to me and I struggle to get it to work. But really, is airdropping pics to random strangers on a plane a thing that normally happens on Southwest? Should I set my airdrop to public? Am I missing out on the whole Southwest experience? Someone show me how to make this work. What else are they not telling me!!!!!!!

Side note – I love Cabo. Beautiful beaches with barren deserts and mountain ranges. Stunning.

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