All of these cute kid videos kept coming across my social media feeds over the weekend for Mother’s Day. Then I saw clips, LOL kid videos from Little Big Shots, and could not resist sharing some for TikTok Tuesday. I couldn’t stop laughing at some of these conversations. And I was amazed at the intelligence of some of these little ones.

About Little Big Shots

These kind of television shows date back to the 1940’s with Art Linkletter’s television and radio shows. Bill Cosby also had a popular show you might remember, Kids Say The Darnedest Things. That show has been revised numerous times with a variety of hosts. Shows like this keep resurfacing for a reason. They are funny! You never know what kids will say with their unfiltered innocence. Not to mention, there are some pretty impressive kids out there. Some are talented, smart, and wise beyond their years.

These clips are all with comedian Steve Harvey who used to host the show. Now funny gal Melissa McCarthy is at the helm. The change was a bit abrupt and surprised fans of both the show and of Harvey. Apparently there was some conflict within the network with other things Harvey was involved in. Too bad, because Harvey has a great way with kids and his reaction to the things they say and do is often times, just as funny as the kids themselves.

You don’t have to have a TikTok account to enjoy these. I’ve done all of the mindless scrolling when I can’t sleep using my account. All you have to do is scroll here, and hit play from the screen. These are all family and office friendly as well. I love a good laugh and you will have a few of them here. Enjoy these LOL kid videos from Little Big Shots.

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