Idalia is a hurricane and expected to continue to strengthen as it is predicted to skirt the Southwest Florida coast. Now is the time to secure your property in advance of wind, rain, and storm surge. Much attention has been given to what homeowners should be doing. However, here are some important Hurricane Idalia tips for boat owners as well.

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Hurricane Idalia boat owners tips before, during and after the storm as it approaches Florida

These tips come from SeaTow, a nationwide leader for on-water assistance and has been for decades. First, make a decision now as to where your boat will be stored to ride out Idalia. If that is on land, put the boat on a trailer, and the trailer close to a strong building. You want to break the wind. Strap it down securely. Next, anchor the trailer. Place blocks under it and don’t forget to deflate the tires to keep it from shifting.

Hurricane Idalia Boat Owners

If your boat has to stay in the water, secure it to the dock with longer, thicker lines. You don’t want it to sway in the storm. Remove any loose items that could blow away and around, causing damage. Finally, take pictures and a video of your boat. Include the exterior, interior and all property you are storing onboard. Do this regardless of where you store your boat during the storm. This will help in the event of any damage.

In addition, remove any legal documents such as polices, licenses, registration, etc. Keep them in a dry and secure place, as a storm precaution. Also, download our hurricane guide here. I has all kinds of great tips, phone numbers, reminders, and other information to keep you safe. In addition, there are lots of resources listed to help you recover if you have damage from the storm or need additional help.

  • General Preparations

    Take a minute to read your marine insurance policy and know what it covers. Some insurers may require owners to pull their vessel out of the water during a storm. If your boat is at a marina, check your marina policies to understand the requirements and procedures that are in place.

  • During The Storm

    Monitor your local radio stations as well as NOAA Weather Radio. Store any hurricane hotline numbers in your cell phone so you can call for updates. Finally, do not return to the vessel until there is an official announcement that the storm has passed, or the marina is open.

  • After The Storm

    Once it is safe to return, inspect your boat for damage. If there is damage, take lots of photos and videos, and then report it to your insurance company as soon as possible. Only work with licensed and insured companies such as Sea Tow to recover your vessel. You want experienced boating professionals to help avoid any further damage. 

  • More Hurricane Idalia Information

    For all kinds of information surrounding the storm, we have established Hurricane Central. Here you will all of the lateste news and lots more information about Hurricane Idalia and hurricane assistance in general. Click here for the latest and check back for updates throughout the day and week.

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