Raise your hand if you grew up with Little Debbie snack cakes and treats in your pantry. Growing up in Central Florida, they were a staple at my house as well as my friends. For more than 60 years, this brand has not only stood the test of time. It has also become iconic. If you could only have one of these snacks, which would it be? According to research, Floridians have a love affair with this Little Debbie treat, Florida’s Favorite Little Debbie is the Oatmeal Cream Pie.

Oatmeal Cream Pies were the very first snack Cake Little Debbie released in 1960. Spoiler alert. These are quite popular nationwide as well. The top five are listed below. Chicco established the rankings with data obtained from Google Trends. First, they compiled a list of 56 Little Debbie snacks. Next, they looked at the number of searches for the snacks in each state over the past 12 months. Finally, they determined the most popular snack using the search data.

Each year Little Debbie releases a number of limited edition holiday treats. The white Christmas Tree Cakes are perhaps the most iconic. They also come chocolate covered. In addition, there are the green frosted Christmas Tree Brownies. Other holiday treats include:

  • Christmas Gingerbread Cookies
  • Christmas Cherry Cordial
  • North Pole Nutty Buddy Wafer Bars
  • Snowflake Brownies

In fact, these seasonal Christmas treats ranked quite high in a few states. The Christmas Tree Cake is the most often searched for treat in the southern states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina. This is the one that has white cake, a white coating that is highlighted with a red garland frosting design. The cake is then made complete by green sprinkles.

Florida’s Favorite Little Debbie

Now that you know Florida’s favorite sweet treat, here are the top five Little Debbie snacks nationwide.

  • #5 Cosmic Brownie

    This chocolatey treat ranks #1 in four states. It is so yummy that Kellogg’s has made this one into a cereal.

  • #4 Zebra Cakes

    This iconic cake is #1 in seven states. These cakes have whimsical zebra-striped icing. Yellow cake is inside.  

  • #3 Nutty Buddy Bars

    These crunchy bars are #1 in eight states. Between the crisp wafer layers is creamy peanut butter for a perfect balance of texture. They are then coated in chocolate.

  • #2 Oatmeal Cream Pies

    Oatmeal Pies rule #1 in nine states. The have stood the test of time with their soft cookie on the outside, and sweet cream filling.  

  • #1 Fudge Rounds

    The chocolate treat with it’s creamy center is #1. It holds that spot in 13 states across the nation. It’s a classic for sure.

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