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Last year, we reported on the fact that Florida has not just one, but two of the best cities to retire on a fixed budget, according to a study from Now, in searching for more affordable living spots throughout the U.S., it appears Florida also has two the best cities to live on $1,500 – or even less – a month, whether you’re retired or not. Surprised? We’ll explain.

The staff at has conducted a study to find the best cities in the U.S. to live on a budget of $1,500 a month. “Realistically, living on a budget of $1,500 a month is possible, you just need to be in the right place,” they state in the study. “We’ve compiled 30 cities in the United States where citizens can keep their total monthly expenditures down to $1500 or less. Don’t confuse affordability with boring, though. These cities still have plenty to keep you entertained and enjoying life.”

So, which Florida cities made the cut? Well, it’s certainly not Naples, or any of the other nearby Southwest Florida cities. I have an aunt living in Fort Myers off her $2,200 a month Social Security check and she is just barely getting by. She won’t take money to help so we make her soup and other meals and put it in her freezer so she can make them whenever. If you plan on living on a very tight budget, you’ll need to move away from the coast, but you won’t need to leave Florida entirely. Think – north of Orlando. This article was originally written by Beasley Detroit staffer Anne Erickson.

Here’s the list of the 10 Cheapest Places To Live In Florida, To see how you can live for $1,500 month, find the full list below.


  • Best Cities to Live on $1,500 or Less a Month (via Mind Your Dollars):

  • Davenport, Iowa

    The average cost of living is 18.3 percent lower than the national average, according to

  • Lawton, Oklahoma

    Lawton is a small town with “big city amenities,” says

  • Tallahassee, Florida

    If you want to continue to enjoy warm weather and palm trees on a budget, Tallahassee, Florida has earned itself a spot on our list here.

  • El Paso, Texas

    Average healthcare costs are 13.3% lower than the national average, says

  • Lansing, Michigan

    Grocery prices and healthcare costs are markedly lower than the national average, says

  • Fort Wayne, Indiana

    Lots of costs are lower here, including healthcare costs, average grocery prices, and the median cost for average homes, says

  • Odessa, Texas

    The average housing cost is 25% less than the national average, says

  • St. Cloud, Minnesota

    This spot has a “friendly, small-town Midwestern feel,” says

  • Lorain, Ohio

    Lorain offers museums, galleries, and wineries, in addition to affordable living,” says

  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    The cost of living is 18.4% lower than the national average, says

  • Lynchburg, Virginia

    The cost of living is 17.1% lower than the U.S. average, says

  • Grand Forks, North Dakota

    Average grocery costs are 4.3% lower than the national average, says

  • Bloomington, Illinois

    This spot offers independent restaurants, jazz, art galleries, and museums, says

  • Lubbock, Texas

    There’s a lower cost of living here, says

  • Akron, Ohio

    This spot is ideal for people looking to live on a budget, says

  • Minot, North Dakota

    The cost of healthcare is lower in this spot, says

  • Terre Haute, Indiana

    This city offers “college-town perks like athletic games and arts,” says

  • Abilene, Texas

    Housing is very affordable in Abilene, says

  • Erie, Pennsylvania

    Erie offers the Presque Isle State Park, professional hockey and soccer teams, and the Presque Isle Downs & Casino, says

  • Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Grocery costs are really low here, says

  • Waterloo, Iowa

    Groceries are 7.1% lower than the national average, says

  • Lake Charles, Louisiana

    Groceries and healthcare are lower than the national average, says

  • Amarillo, Texas

    Lower grocery costs and reasonable rent make this a perfect choice, says

  • Muncie, Indiana

    The cost of living in this city is near the lowest in the state, says

  • Springfield, Missouri

    Springfield is a small city, but it’s actually the third-largest in the state, says

  • Ocala, Florida

    The cost of living is 16.2% lower than the national average, says So, you CAN live in the Sunshine State on a budget. There’s some nice golf there, too.


  • Evansville, Indiana

    The cost of living is “much lower than the national average,” says

  • Shreveport, Louisiana

    The cost of living is 22.5% lower than the national average, says

  • Winston Salem, North Carolina

    The cost of living is 18.7 percent lower than the national average, says