Welcome to the joys of home ownership. Stuff breaks. You’ve got two choices, hire someone, or try to fix it yourself. Now, if you’ve ever hired someone in Southwest Florida to do repairs, you know that it’s not cheap. Thankfully one Florida handyman is helping. He’s posted a series of easy to do home repair videos. And many of the videos have been viewed in the millions.

I can personally vouch for such videos, I made an easy repair at my home just last month, saving me a lot of money. My garage door was acting up. It’d start closing, then go back up. So I sprayed garage door lubricant in the tracks, hoping that would help. It did, sometimes, but it was still a problem. So I watched some videos on garage door repair. I checked the sensors to make sure they were lined up and nothing was blocking them. Then I found the solution.

On the back of the garage door opener, there’s 2 plastic screws. One is labeled “open force”, the other “close force”. It’s the amount of force the opener will exert before it reverses. I turned the “close force” screw just a little bit, and now my garage door works perfectly. Chances are, the near 20 year old garage door had gotten a little warped and needed more force to close.  I love videos like this. Then I ran across the jmg8tor Tik Tok.

He’s a Tallahassee, Florida based handyman who posts videos on simple repairs you can do yourself.

Being Florida based, his videos really apply to those of us in the Sunshine State. Like this video, which has over 30 million views.

I live across from some woods in Estero, so this is definitely something I want to try. What about a DIY towel holder?

That’s what I’m saying, his videos make it so easy. He has 2.8 million followers and over 44 million likes. Enough to bring in some extra cash, although, according to Fox13, he still keeps his day job repairing his rental properties. And keeping it fun, he always end his videos with a signature “Next!” Here’s some of his most popular videos.

  • The key FOB hack

    We’ve all got key FOBs. Well, there’s a lot more to what you can do with them. If you read the owner’s manual that came with your car, this is probably in there. My owner’s manual looks like it’s brand new. I didn’t know all this, either.

  • Cooler Hack

    The biggest difference between a YETI cooler and the cheapo ones is insulation. So with a drill and a can of expanding foam, he makes the cooler better. All you need now is a YETI sticker to put on the top and no one will know the difference.

    He didn’t do it in the video, but you can do the lid, too. Same idea. As for the WD40 mention, at the end – he has an endorsement with them, so you’ll see that a lot.

  • Wood fence cleaning

    If you have an older wood fence you know exactly what’s going on here. Florida weather can be brutal, and your fence is going to get ugly. This hack is as simple as a pump sprayer and pool chlorine. I wonder how this would work on a deck?


    This will have you wondering why you did not do it sooner #jmg8tor

    ♬ original sound - 🐊💙GATOR💙🦌

    He mentions how old the fence is and yeah, that’s gotta be right. Most ‘wood look’ fences are now plastic. Decking, too. That newer stuff I see installed around boat lifts is just amazing.

  • Tape Measure hack

    I don’t normally need to find the center of a board, but here’s how to do it. I think this video is so popular just because it’s a “wow” moment. I’ve been (poorly) measuring for years and had no idea.

    I’m going to go home and find some random board to measure, just to try this. I always blame my tape measure for being wrong.

  • Drilling a hole on a pipe

    I have absolutely no use for this information, but it’s so cool. Was the wrench designed with this in mind? I’ve used an adjustable wrench countless times in my life and I never questioned why there was a hole in the top. WHAT ELSE AREN’T THEY TELLING ME!


    Pro tip for drilling in round objects #jmg8tor

    ♬ original sound - 🐊💙GATOR💙🦌

    I love this video because of the ‘What No Way!” This is probably the best tip I’ve ever seen. Even though I’ll likely never use it. There’s also a great video on using a dryer sheet to remove lovebugs. Careful if you go to his page, there’s a LOT of videos on there and you can go down the rabbit hole deep into the night. But, you’ll probably learn something. NEXT!

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