It has happened dozens of times. I find myself home after a  long day tired and hungry. But not wanting to go out, order in or cook. So I scour the refrigerator, freezer and cabinets for something, anything to throw together. It’s a situation most people can relate to, but now it has a nick name and is trending on social media. Jumping on the bandwagon, here are five ways to enjoy the “Girl Dinner” trend for TikTok Tuesday.

Any restrauntuer or chef will tell you a big part of dining is your eyes. If it looks visually pleasing, you are already convinced it is going to be good. In other words, don’t eat your smorgasbord out of the containers. Plate them. Make the food look nice, even it is is  pile of tortilla chips, a few slices of cheese, carrot sticks and a couple of pieces of left over sushi. Arranging all of these odds and ends on a board or plate is much more civilized.

Sushi on a lazy Susan board

It might not be the best example of a Girl Dinner, however, when you order too much sushi it’s a good way to repurpose it.

Now that this type of dinner is trending on social media sites like TikTok, it has taken all kinds of cheeky turns. Creative foodies put together lots of silly and even unhealthy (but fun) food choices. The trend even has nutrition experts weighing in with advice on how to make the Girl Dinner work best for you.

They advise adding some kind of healthful protein and vegetable to your plate or board. Fruit is good too. Balance is the key.

You don’t have to have a TikTok account to view these videos. I gathered the top five that crossed my feed last night and put them here, along with a bonus selection. Simply scroll down and hit play. They might must inspire you if you are stuck for ideas tonight and have run out of time and steam.

Here are five ways to enjoy the “Girl Dinner” trend

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