You’ll find all kinds of food on the tables of Southwest Floridians this Thanksgiving. During the holidays, everyone has different family traditions surrounding food. However, turkey is one dish that is signature for most Americans. In addition. almost every one has a turkey horror story. Most have to do with the cooking of the bird. While we can’t control what happens in your kitchen, we can offer a few tips. Here are five delicious ways to cook your turkey for Thanksgiving and for TikTok Tuesday.

If you really get stuck, you can call the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line. The annual hotline is set up to help you with your turkey prep as well as any emergencies in the kitchen. Think of things such as how to thaw your bird, help with deep frying temperatures, you name it. That phone number is 1-800-BUTTERBALL. You can also text the experts at 844-877-3456.

In addition, if you are in need of an extra side dish for Thanksgiving dinner, click here for a few tasty ideas that you can still pull off. The bird may be a big deal, but the sides make the meal complete.

Successfully cook your turkey with a few tips

It can be daunting if you have never cooked a turkey before. In addition, if you are hosting for the first time, or hosting new people, it can also be stressful. Perhaps some of these ideas will help. You do not need to have a TikTok account to view these videos. Just scroll down to watch. Feel free to share with friends and co-workers who might also need some turkey tenderness in their lives.

Enjoy these five delicious ways to cook your turkey for Thanksgiving. And if things don’t go right, remember the reason for the holiday and find something to be grateful for. If that still doesn’t work, here are some good cocktail recipes to help. Happy Thanksgiving.

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