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If you’re a pet owner, you know that sometimes expenses can add up and 3 Florida cities are among those that are the most expensive to own a dog.

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but this loyal companionship can come at a significant financial cost. I wouldn’t trade the cuddles, wagging tail, and unconditional love for anything, but there’s no denying that owning a dog can quickly become a budget-busting affair. The area I spend the most on with my little guy Rocket is with his sitter. Thankfully I have found an amazing couple to watch him when I first moved to Fort Myers, which allows me to travel as much as I do. I try to take him with me where I can, but sometimes it’s just not feasible. While it’s not cheap, I know he’s well cared for, so it’s worth every penny.

In some parts of the country, owning a dog is more expensive than others. To determine which cities were the most expensive for dog ownership, Forbes Advisor looked at the percentage of household income needed to cover dog-related expenses in 78 different cities. They looked at things like vet costs, pet insurance premiums and boarding fees (for a 7 day vacation)/doggie day care (2x per week for 48 weeks).

What are the most expensive cities in Florida to own a dog?

In Florida, coming in at #12 on the list is St. Petersburg with a score of 87.66 out of 100. 2.37% of the median household income is needed to cover annual expenses at the vet, insurance and boarding. Miami comes in at #15 with a score of 82.63 with 2.34% of median household income required. And Tampa comes in at #19 on the list with a score of 75.44. 2.26% of median household income is necessary for these expenses.

To see the full list, click here. Below are the top 5 most expensive cities for owning a dog.

  • 5. Memphis, Tennessee

    In Memphis, the annual cost of boarding, vet care and insurance is $1,418, with the annual doggie day care expense at $2,688.

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  • 4. El Paso, Texas

    El Paso got a score of 95.75 out of 100. Annual costs amount to $1,323 with doggie day care costing $2,496.

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  • 3. Bakersfield, California

    Dog boarding fees, vet costs and pet insurance premiums in Bakersfield make up 2.64% of the median household income (the third highest amount in the country), and doggy day care expenses amount to $2,688.

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  • 2. Greensboro, North Carolina

    In Greensboro, the annual costs of boarding, vet care and insurance is $1,546. Greensboro tied with Winston-Salem for having those amounts make up the highest percentage of household income at 2.67%.

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  • 1. Winston-Salem, North Carolina

    Winston-Salem got a score of 100.00 out of 100. Annual costs for vet, insurance and boarding amount to $1,533 with doggie day care costing $2,784.

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