If this Mother’s Day, you decide to forgo the usual flowers or dinner with Mom and get her scratchers, how do you know the best Florida Lottery Tickets to get her? As usual, we’re here to help. But remember, Mother’s Day isn’t just about a present, even if that present scores her piles of cash. You really have to do more.

Thoughtful DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

We packaged up some very unique ideas for Mother’s Day presents and put them all here. These could be stand alone gifts, or paired with something more.

5 Things To Do For Mother’s Day Weekend In Southwest Florida

Obviously the restaurants are going to be jammed, so maybe you’re looking for some other things you can do together. Never fear, that list is right here.

5 Mother’s Day Flowers That Can Poison Your Pet

Yes, flowers are thoughtful and a pretty strong go-to when it comes to Mother’s Day. But if there’s a pet in the house you need to be careful in which flowers you choose. Let’s not have “Mother’s Day” associated with the time you poisoned her cat. Take a look at the flowers to avoid here.

Cool looking cat looking for the best Florida Lottery Tickets.

The 3 Best Florida Lottery Tickets For Mom

I think we’ve covered all the bases, so let’s get down to why you’re here. The plan is to get Mom some winning Florida Lottery tickets. The first stat we’ll look at is where to buy. Publix. Pretty simple. Data shows that Publix leads all retailers in winning tickets sold.

You can also pick up some flowers while you’re there, one stop, bam. You’re set. you’ll soon be sending Mom off to the club to make it rain.

Woman making it rain in the club after learning about the Best Florida Lottery Tickets to buy.
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So – Which Tickets to Buy?

We’re trying to get Mom some winners, so we go to the Florida Lottery website for data. There are 3 games that haven’t had any big winners hit yet, so I’m thinking they’re due. All the big winners are out there, so your Mom should get the first. Here are my picks for Best Florida Lottery tickets to play this Mother’s Day. Finally, don’t burn your rent money playing lottery tickets, remember to always play responsibly.


    Gold Rush Legacy

    This $20 card promises 4 winners will take home a 10 million dollar grand prize. 19 of the 20 1 million dollar prizes remain, someone from Port St. Lucie won a million on this ticket and cashed it in on April 30th. It’s a big card with lots of scratching and some bonus squares that could be hiding a winner. This could be a good one to get her.



    We can’t overlook the strong Hispanic population in Southwest Florida, so check out this $5 card. 22 people have cashed in $10,000 winning tickets, but no one has claimed the million dollar prize, yet. And there’s 6 of them out there. The best part of this game is that it’s going to take while for Mom to play. All for $5. 

  • 500X THE CASH

    500X The Cash

    There’s 5 different versions of this ticket, ranging from $1 up to $50. And only one of them has not hit big, yet. This one. Show Mom you care with a $50 lottery ticket. 30 people have already claimed a million off this one including 2 million dollar winners in Naples. There are 2 $25 million dollar tickets out there. Good luck. 

  • Are there any duds?

    Every Florida Lottery ticket has the potential to win something. But some tickets have all their big winners gone. Those tickets include Seven Figures, 1MM Triple Match, $25K A Year For Life, $20 Monopoly Doubler, and $2 Monopoly Doubler, You can still play any of these games, just know that there’s no way you’re gonna hit it big.

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