After last year’s success, they had to do it again. The Army Corps Of Engineers just released their 2024 calendar of giant cats and infrastructure. Last year was crazy. The calendar was an internet sensation, going beyond just being viral on the internet to being featured on tv talk shows. If you somehow missed the fun of last year’s post, here’s the link to the OG Cats Attacking Infrastructure.

The Portland District, US Army Corps of Engineers decided to time the release of their calendar with National Cat Day. Actually, they teased the release on the holiday, and then dropped the calendar the day after. This year’s calendar appears to have a gentler approach. Last year, a lot of the giant cats appeared to be trying to destroy infrastructure. In this years print, the cats seem a lot more content to just lounge on top of vital government projects. I applaud the decision. You don’t want to just do the same project twice.

Also new to this year is a dog calendar. That’s right, they did two calendars. The dog versions has pups riding in ships, looking after the dams, and running through locks. A solid piece of work, but we all know that the internet is obsessed with giant cats. That’s why we’re here.

Both versions are completely free and downloadable so you can print and enjoy. They are, however, full color and high resolution, so my advice is to print them at work(ink is expensive). If you want to give a shout out to the brilliant work, here’s a link to their facebook.

2024 Cat Calendar

2024 Dog Calendar


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