Thanks to Jugernaut and Rombauer for inviting me to sample their wines. They provided me with free bottles to sample in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

The first Friday in May is considered National Sauvignon Blanc Day, although some sources claim May 6th. To get you ready, here are 5 ways to enjoy Sauvignon Blanc in Southwest Florida. For Wine Wednesday, I’ve got some intel that might give you new appreciation and understanding of the popular grape.

Sauvignon Blanc is a great wine for spring, summer, and really all year long in Southwest Florida. It has fresh, tropical characteristics that go well with much of the cuisine found here.

However, many people have a love/hate relationship with this grape. Some wines produced from it can be over acidic, even puckering. It can be a heartburn in a glass for some.

This is where some basic knowledge of place comes in handy. Keep in mind, this is a rough guide. There are always exceptions to the rules. But generally speaking, here is what you can typically expect.

Sauvignon Blanc In Southwest Florida From France

I personally love sauvignon blanc from the Sancerre region in the Loire Valley. While the grape is grown in other parts of the country, Sancerre is best known for its sauvignon blanc.

These are usually lively, grassy, minerally and more subtle than those from New Zealand and Australia.

Bottle of Jugernaut Sauvignon Blanc
Photo: GIna Birch

Sauvignon Blanc In Southwest Florida From The U.S.

These tend to be a little more fruit forward. They often have more melon and stone fruits. Some have pineapple and grapefruit too. Delicious flavor combos.

Sauvignon Blanc From New Zealand

Wines from this area of the world tend to be more acid driven. Sauvignon Blanc is the flagship white grape in New Zealand and Marlborough is the top producing region. Expect more of that wet grass characteristic and more sweetness than in France.

Fun Fact From New Zealand

New Zealand Winegrowers’ have been petitioning for a white wine emoji. They were turned down last year but the push is underway again. Click here and you can participate in the campaign.

Additional Sauvignon Blancs

Australia is also known for producing good, acidic Sauv Blancs. Those made in Margaret River often have a little bit of Semillon added to round out the acid and texture. Sauvignon Blancs from Chile tend to have this pepper quality, like jalapeno.

These wines almost always have some kind of citrus flavors that go well with a variety of seafood. They are also good with some salads and herb sauces. In addition, cheeses like goat and feta.

The acid is good for cutting through certain fats in foods. Plus, they can be refreshing to sip solo in warm temperatures.

If you have had unpleasant experiences with this grape, perhaps this info will help you figure out why. Next time you go to a restaurant and see more than one kind of Sauv Blanc by the glass, ask to sample them side by side. Especially if they are from different parts of the world.

You might just find one that resonates with you. In the meantime, here are a few that I’ve tried recently and recommend looking for.

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