Mysterious Omen Has Some Cape Coral Residents Feeling Uneasy.

The latest mystery to pop up in Cape Coral is nothing to smile about.  According to NBC2, overnight in Cape Coral, a strange liquid red smiley face surfaced. There, on a random walkway, is a face peering up from the concrete. It looks just like spilled juice.

However this scary juice concentrate. If you ask the neighbors of this community, There is definitely something disturbing that someone is trying to portray!  The enigmatic red face appears to have been created by pouring a strange liquid onto the ground to form a happy face.

Mysterious Omen Cape Coral:

Of course, the liquid has already dried up, but the terrified residents haven’t stopped. Michael Morales, a resident of Cape Coral, was quoted by NBC2 as saying, “Oh my god that is horrible, that is terrible… It looks like a face they’re trying to make out of blood!”

Upon first inspection, one might say that it’s probably just some kids having a little fun possibly pouring out their Juice box or some fruit punch onto the ground. But could it be something sinister? If you ask me, I believe that is the work of some new cult! We can call them the cult of the smiling face! That sounds creepy huh?

I know what you’re thinking. Dude. It’s just some kids. Well, I disagree! First of all, there’s no way that it was just some young people. Everyone is aware that the children no longer even play outside. Although they run around inside the Metaverse, they never do so outside in the real world.

Could this be the work of a supervillain rather than some insane cult prowling the walkways of Cape Coral? Supervillains enjoy leaving their mark, as any comic book fan can attest. Consider the joker as an example.  The joker enjoys putting a smile on that face of course.


So be cautious the next time you stroll by yourself at night in Cape Coral beneath a bridge. You never know a Juicebox might be hiding in the shadows someplace…

I mean a scary criminal… No wait, I meant to say a creepy cult member. Actually no, I’m pretty sure it’s just a kid with a Capri Sun. Everything’s OK. Don’t be alarmed. Nothing to see here!


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