Where do you slap your cheese? Do you throw it under your burger, or on top?

According to the folks at RTA Outdoor Living, 15% of the people they surveyed across the country claim to put their cheese under their meat. Really? The survey comes out in advance of National Cheeseburger Day, September 18th.


Cheese just HAS to go on top when you’re grilling

Not sure what you think, but it’s kind of hard to imagine cheese on the bottom. I mean when grilling, it has to go on the top to melt. So then do people actually flip it over when they transfer to the bun? Am I the only one having trouble with this process? Perhaps there a scientific reason here. Like maybe the melty cheese sticks to both the bun and the meat to more efficiently keep the sandwich together.

RTA has an ongoing poll called the Great Food Debate, probing important topics like proper placement of cheese.  Also, in regards to burgers, wat is the best level of “doneness.”

Survey says: 43.1% of men like their meat medium compared to 36.8% of women. More women than men preferred their burgers well done.

So, where do you slap your cheese on your burger? Top or bottom?