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LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 29: Handcuffs are seen on the hands of a twenty-year old "Street Villains" gang member who was arrested by Los Angeles Police Department officers from the 77th Street division on April 29, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. The 77th Street division patrol the same neighborhood that truck driver Reginald Denny was nearly beaten to death by a group of black assailants at the intersection of Florence and Normandie Avenues. It’s been 20 years since the verdict was handed down in the Rodney King case that sparked infamous Los Angeles riots. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Pero que barbaridad! Disparando a lo lco en plena carretera. Este hombre fué arrestado luego de que se reportó que disparó un arma de fuego en una intersección del condado Lee. Diputados del Lee County Sheriff respondieron a un reporte de un individuo que hizo tres disparos en la intersección de la Palm Beach Boulevard y Pine Ave. Luego de llegar a la escena , los diputados lograron encontrar a Marcos DelaCruz de 38 años de Lehigh , un convicto criminal quien además se descubrió que estaba manejando con una licencia suspendida. DeLaCruz fué arrestado y actualmente enfrenta cargos de disparar un arma desde un vehículo , posesión de un arma por un convicto criminal y de manejar con una licencia suspendida.

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Florida Woman Comes Home And Catches Her Mom in Bed With Her Boyfriend

This is absolutely bizarre! Recently a woman from Florida went viral after she caught her mom in bed with her boyfriend! What’s crazy is that it wasn’t just any bed, it was the bed that her and her boyfriend share together. In the video that recently went viral on TikTok , the woman comes home and catches them in the action. According to the woman she takes care of her boyfriend and says that she pays for everything, even his phone which she appears to make him leave when she kicks him out. Her mother is the most pathetic in this situation, because how can you betray someone you gave birth to like that. It’s sick and disgusting! I want to know the outcome of this situation with this Florida Woman. Hopefully she doesn’t let him come back into her life.

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