This Florida Woman Story comes to us from Oxford Oaks, a gated community in Florida near the Villages, north of Orlando. You see, according to her husband, what happened was, our Florida woman, Rebecca Jean Cannon, arrived home with the children from a trip. According to the Villages-News, “She apparently became suspicious because her husband, sporting a fresh haircut, was already home from work and planning to go out to dinner at Bonefish Bar & Grill in The Villages.” Rebecca became angry and didn’t let him leave. She was also mad that he had parked his Mercedes in the garage in such a way that didn’t leave her enough room for her car, so she drove her Cadillac SUV into the garage damaging his car and several items in the garage.

Once inside the situation escalated and she allegedly began to attack him. He tried to video record the event but she took his phone and put it in the toilet.

The next day the family was to go to a waterpark. The husband said he wasn’t going because he needed to buy a new phone(remember the toilet?). Rebecca threw a coffee thermos at him, then left the home and drove off. She has since filed for dissolution of marriage.

Rebecca has now been arrested three times for alleged violence towards her husband. She had previously filed for divorce in 2020 but withdrew the request.

I’m withholding judgment on this story until I see some before / after haircut pics.

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