Yesterday we dropped a couple of good Florida Man stories so today it’s only fair that a naked Florida Woman joins in. This story comes to us from just north of Tampa. Tarpon Springs police were dispatched on Monday on reports of a naked woman in the bushes in the median of US-19. According to WFLA, the woman was 40-year-old Melanie Ann Keorgh of Largo. While questioning the naked Florida Woman, the officer noticed smoke coming from a bush about 15 feet away. Melanie explained that she had lit the bonfire for a celebration. Damage was estimated at 50 bucks, the woman was booked for criminal mischief.

I’m thinking of filing a Freedom Of Information Act to try to acquire the bodycam footage of the incident. Setting a bush on fire by the road is one thing, but why are you naked?


Here’s yesterday’s Florida Man story in case you missed it (there’s actually two, one involves a street sweeper):


Florida Man Arrested For Riding Dirt Bike On Airport Tarmac

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