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Errors happen to everyone. Humans make mistakes. The problem is, if you don’t scan some items at Walmart self checkout , you could be cited heavily.

Self-checkout ‘shoplifting’ at Walmart is starting to be watched carefully. Now, citations are being issued when people walk away without paying for all their items. KGUN9 reported recently that Walmart shoppers in Tucson Walmart were cited and sent to court for mistakes. The unidentified woman says she was given a petty theft citation at the Walmart at 7635 N. La Cholla Blvd. B in Tucson. She says she accidentally forgot to scan a few items during check out. This then leads to a citation given to the woman.

Other shoppers spoke with the news outlet and had sadly similar stories. According to Pima County Sheriff Deputies, there were 62 citations and releases at the Walmart on La Cholla from January 2021 to April 11, 2022. I would be so angry if I had small children, missed one item, and got a citation. No word on when or if this is happening in Florida. I’m in the camp of – instead of hiring people to watch you to make sure you scan your items, maybe that person could just run a register.

This article was originally written by Alexis Zarycki

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