It’s news like this that makes me want to get out and see if I can’t get myself on tv! COPS is back in Lee County! They’re working with the Sheriff’s office. We’re not sure exactly which area of town they’re filming in, but I’m sure those of us who live in Lee County have some ideas.

I love it when COPS films here locally. Those episodes are the best because as they arrest the belligerent shirtless drunk guy we’re always trying to see where they are by the buildings in the background. And of course, if we know the guy. The last time COPS was here it looked like everyone they pulled over was high. And for Fort Myers, that’s probably pretty accurate. Here’s how to watch the April episode of COPS.

If anyone knows where they are filming COPS in Lee County , please let us know.

Remember that show “My Name Is Earl” with the ‘Our Episode Of Cops Is On!’?


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