Aerial photo Delray Beach FL a 55 and older housing community

Florida Man was in action on the golf course. And not just on the greens. This one comes from the other coast, Delray Beach Florida, just up from Boca. As reported by Golf Digest: “74-year-old Robert Levine is under arrest for attempted first-degree murder for shooting 64-year-old Herbert Merritt in the ankle and beating him with a golf club after he found Merritt walking his dog along the 15th hole of Kings Point Golf Club just before 7 p.m. on Sunday.”

According to WPBF News: “Merritt told deputies he was walking his dog on the grass next to the golf course when Levine rode up in his golf cart and … began causing a verbal altercation with him due to having his dog on the golf course … He then began shooting at him while Merritt was running away. Levine chased Merritt around a tree while continuing to shoot—Merritt said he shot about five rounds at him, according to the report and witnesses … he felt that Levine was trying to kill him.”

Oh, but there’s more: “Witnesses told deputies they saw Levine kick Merritt in the head, go back to his cart and get a club and begin beating Merrit with the club while holding the gun in his left hand. Deputies said they found shell casings on the ground and two golf clubs with what appeared to be blood on them.” Merritt was brought to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Levine is also in the hospital for undisclosed reasons.

Now, yes, you’re not supposed to be walking your dog on the golf course. I’m not looking to find my Titleist in a pile of dog crap when I shank it off fairway 9. But Florida Man shooting at someone for walking their dog is a bit extreme. And why was a 74 year old man armed at Kings Point Golf Club? That’s not exactly a high crime area. Perhaps he was trying to blame the dog on his poor play.

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  • So Joe, why you so negative? Aren't there games with a lot of grand prizes left.

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  • There ya have it

    Those are the main ones. If I didn’t mention your favorite then it probably falls somewhere in between. You can check for it here.

    And really, as I mentioned it above, just because there’s only 2 grand prize tickets left on a certain game doesn’t mean one of them isn’t at your local Publix.

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