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La policía de Cape Coral no encontró conejitos este pasado Easter , pero sí encontraron un caimán de 10 pies. El Sargento Mullen ayudó a sacar al caimán fuera de las calles y fué reubicado en un lugar seguro. Este no es el único que sido avistado en días recientes.

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Travel Blogger Explains Why You Shouldn't Move To Fort Myers

  • TOP 10 Reasons why FORT MYERS, FLORIDA is the WORST city in the US!


    If you can’t listen, here’s her top 10:

  • #10 Flat AF

    Apparently being flat is bad?

  • #9 Really Bad Traffic

    Ok, right now yes. Hopefully it eases up after Easter.

  • #8 Crazy Critters

    Duh, that’s Florida’s state motto: “We Got Bugs”. She also recommends carrying a weapon to stay safe from bears.

  • #7 Low Pay

    She thinks we all make $23,000 a year.

  • #6 Crime

    Compared to Miami? Really?

  • #5 Hurricanes

    She claims we get a major hurricane once every 3 years.

  • #4 Seniors

    We’re full of old people. Ok, I can’t really dispute that one.  But the seniors here don’t drive old Buicks down 41, they drive BMWs.

  • #3 HOA Fees

    “Over a thousand dollars a month”. I mean, not where I live.

  • #2 Packed People

    Again, compared to Miami or Tampa? Not even. She thinks everyone lives within walking distance of the beach.

  • #1 Expensive

    Based on the $23,000 a year she claims we all make.

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