Today, the Lee County Domestic Animal Services and the LCSO Animal Cruelty Task Force celebrated ‘Gotcha Day’ for Deputy Chance.

Chance was a victim of animal abuse in Lee County and was adopted by Lieutenant Castellon in 2019 and deputized by Sheriff Carmine Marceno. Deputy Chance has also been named a Good Will Ambassador by County Commissioners and visits schools, children’s hospitals and community events advocating against animal cruelty.

Sgt. Hope is another pup that was adopted by Lieutenant Castellon and deputized by Sheriff Marceno after she was removed from an abusive situation. Due to injury, she needed a leg amputation but now is as happy and healthy as can be.

In honor of Deputy Chance, Lee County Domestic Animal Services has also lowered adoption fees to $25 through March 31.

Pics from the Paw-ty:





LCSO Deputy Gotcha Day

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