This went down in Pembroke Pines just outside of Hollywood Florida. A Florida teacher taped a toddlers shoes to his ankles, and got fired from her job.

Charissa Richardson told Local 10 News that her 2-year-old son came home from Nob Hill Academy in Pembroke Pines with his shoes taped to his ankles with black tape. “We had to use scissors because he was actually crying from trying to peel the tape off.”

The 2 year old, attending Nob Hill Academy, would not keep his shoes on in class, so the Florida teacher duct taped them onto his feet.

Local 10 News called the school, and the director sent a statement which read:  “The owners and director at Nob Hill Academy are deeply disturbed by the action taken by the staff member. We have taken immediate action and the staff member has been terminated. The safety and welfare of children has always been and will always be our top priority. “

The mother has removed her young son from the academy.


Just being honest, I don’t know how things like this don’t happen a lot more often. Can you imagine being in a room all day with a bunch of 2 year olds and not lose your mind? on a side note, I love living in Florida. We really do have the most interesting stories. I mean, you hear about a teacher duct taping a kid’s shoes to his ankles, you know it’s us. Another side note – why did she really care whether or not the kid wore his shoes in class? Lots more Florida stories here.


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