HIALEAH, FLORIDA (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

My first question is “how is this not already illegal?” In a bill approved by the Florida Senate earlier this week, car stunts like doing burnouts, drifting, and doing donuts on the streets will become illegal. According to Local 10, “Street takeovers have become an almost nightly event in Miami and other Florida cities and have caused numerous injuries and deaths, said Democratic Sen. Jason Pizzo, the bill’s sponsor.”

The street takeovers usually involve a lot of spectators with other cars blocking an intersection while cars perform stunts such as spinning tires and creating plumes of smoke. The problem is more prevalent in Miami, but these street takeovers happen here in Southwest Florida as well.  If you drive through an intersection and see the familiar tire tracks, you know.  The events are staged through social media and then the videos are posted later.

The new bill will make it a first degree misdemeanor to participate or even watch one of these events. First time fines would be in the $500 to $1,000 range.  Seeing how these guys are blowing through a thousand dollar set of tires performing the burnouts, it’s really not much of a deterrent.



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