Parents and students received an unusual surprise when they opened up Bartram Trail High School’s yearbook. A seemingly warped and photoshopped images of some students – over 80 to be exact all female students.

According to CBS Jacksonville affiliate WJAX reports that 80 students – all female at the high school in St. Johns County had their yearbook picture edited without permission.

The offenses that encouraged the altering of these photos were uncovered shoulders and low necklines.

Surprisingly, a female teacher serving as the yearbook coordinator made the call for which students were deemed as “inappropriate” or in violation of the dress code.

The female students said the new altered images made them feel embarrassed and sexualized.

Ninth-grader Riley O’Keefe stated that “The double standard in the yearbook is more so that they looked at our body and thought just a little bit of skin showing was sexual,” O’Keefe said. “But then they looked at the boys, for the swim team photos and other sports photos and thought that was fine, and that’s really upsetting and uncomfortable.”

However, not everyone sees this alteration of photos as an issue.

Rachel D’aquin, a parent at Bartram Trail High told CBS News that she does not mind the dress code and the edits, “If parents aren’t teaching at home how daughters should dress and dress decently, then the school has to parent.”

For parents and students who took an issue with the altering of the yearbook photos, a refund will be issued for the cost of the yearbook.

*Written by Brianna Pugh