Casey Bishop, 16-year-old Southwest Florida teen finally breaks her silence after her elimination on ‘American Idol’ and announces her new music video will drop later today.

Even with the outcome that she, nor her fans wanted, Bishop seems to view her trek on Idol as a new beginning for herself and her music.

On Monday, Casey posted an Instagram gallery with pictures of her performances on the show.

The caption wrote “Every ending is a new beginning. thank you all for everything you do i’m so blessed. last night was everything i could’ve asked for and more, i had a freaking blast. finally getting to sing on stage with my absolute favorite person @chaycebeckhammusic was just magical🖤 love you all so much, this is only THE BEGINNING.”

American Idol also posted a video of Casey reflecting on her time at Idol on their YouTube channel.

Bishop stated how she had a lot of learning experiences from the show and got to grow in so many ways. She thanked all of her fans who supported her along the way and asked for them to support her “for whatever new beginnings come[s] my way.”

Looks like those “new beginnings” are already here. Casey announced on Wednesday that she will be releasing her music video for her single “Love Me, Leave Me” this Friday at 12 p.m. on her YouTube channel.

With this news and Casey’s talent, determination, and charisma, it is clear to see that Casey Bishop is not going anywhere anytime soon.

*Written by Brianna Pugh

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